Terms of use

Signature: ยง21/1/a
Date of publication: 29/03/2021


I. Store offers the customer to acquire various types of premium services in-game for real money.

II. Upon purchasing any paid services through NightDesireArt shop you hereby consent that you have read the provisions of these regulations and agree with them.

III. There is no possibility of reimbursement if the offer does not meet the customer's expectations or whether the offer was ordered incorrectly - for example if more than 1 rank were chosen; or bought rank is exactly the same as rank assigned to the game account of buyer or whether rank was purchased before the expiration period. The store is not responsible for all other wrong actions taken by customer in order, subject to point VI.

IV. Purchase can be made through PayPal service only. At this moment, we do not support other payment operators.

V. Regulations can be changed at any time without obligation to notify the customer. However, we try to make differences as small as possible in the event of changes in regulations, so they are virtually imperceptible to customers. When changes occur, you can always check the date of update and signature located at the top of this document.

VI. In case after making a payment, customer will not receive his order or whether customer will receive inappropriate in-game service not matching his order due to technical reasons, he has full rights to file a complaint up to 7 days from the date of purchase. If our staff will consider request positively, all money will be refunded including any commission costs, if they exists, within 7 days. Notwithstanding, at the request of the injured person, instead of a refund, a paid service will be assigned, for which the payment was settled with compensation.

VI. All user data we collect upon payment are indispensable to make purchase process possible. Informations you provided to payment operator you chose remain anonymous and are highly protected.